4 Thank You Gift Ideas to Really Wow Your Clients

Everyone has a different perspective on how to show gratitude. Some find it necessary to give something that comes in a box or a bottle, while others feel a simple thank you card will do. 

But to make that “Thank You” really count, special gifts say it best. These types of gifts make a Thank You more memorable and meaningful, from both your client’s perspective and yours.

A thank you gift becomes more than a token of appreciation when you put some thought into it. Choosing a meaningful present says you want your “thank you” to be all about your client’s happiness.

Here are 4 gift ideas to make that “thank you” really wow your clients.

Personalized Gifts

Survey says, personalized gifts are most preferred. Personalization goes beyond just etching names on a gift or wine labels, it’s also how personal the gift is to the recipient. 

If the client is new, and you’re still getting to know them, make an effort to remember important things mentioned during your initial meetings. The client may have loved the porch of the property you showed her during an open house, for example, and imagined something pretty to hang there. 

Window chimes or a colorful dream catcher could be the perfect picture in her mind.

Unique gifts are usually those that people didn’t ask for or didn’t realize they wanted until you give it. It could be anything from making their life easier or something that needs replaced, to a special gift they can add to a specific collection.

If you think the client already has everything they need and the gift is unnecessary, think again. Your gift will still be appreciated because you bothered anyway. Again, it’s the insight behind a unique and special gift that makes it personalized. 

personal touch gift

Practical Gifts

The best gifts for clients are valued because of their meaning, not their dollar value. 

An equally practical and convenient choice is wine. Wine, when it is good, sparks conversations, appreciation, and gratitude for the sender of the gift.  

Your name could come up in conversations over that wine, and it better be good so you’ve doubled your impact.

wine gifts

Wine is a lovely gift, especially if your client loves wine, or enjoys a glass of good wine. However, go a little beyond and think outside the bottle - a fun day of wine tasting, or a gift of personalized wine glasses, can go a long way in making your gift even more memorable. 

Experiential Gifts

In finding meaningful gifts, hobbies, interests, favorite sports can also steer you in the right direction and are rich sources of gift ideas. 

Your clients will appreciate that you pay attention to this special detail about them.

By listening to your clients, you may remember them mentioning an unforgettable trip they had, and you’d like to help them revisit that memory.

experiential travel gifts

Or maybe a romantic dinner for two, or just a fun day with their kids, is something they look forward to doing. 

While you can give the gift of an experience, you can also give your client a gift certificate for their favourite restaurant, or something like a family camping pass. 

Experiential gifts can be something they can use to try something for the first time. 

A game ticket for the sports fans, or a concert ticket for musically inclined clients, can be a hit for someone that hasn’t experienced something like that before.

Special Occasion and Holiday Gifts

Giving holiday gifts no matter how big or small, conveys that you were thinking of your client at a time when people traditionally switch off from work.

And gifts sent during these special days will never be construed to have strings attached to them.

One thing to make sure, though, is that the recipient celebrates the holiday you’re picking a gift for.

In truth, though, if you want to make your client feel special, and stand out yourself in the process, you don’t really have to wait for the holiday season to give a gift of gratitude. 

According to John Ruhlin, author of Giftology, “be grateful and thankful year round,” ensuring your gift is both unexpected and memorable.

The true gift of giving is how you can brighten someone’s day any time of the year. 

And a gift With Many Thanks, always makes a big difference.