3 Pro Gifting Tips for Clients

It’s just a gift, right? Of course it’s not “just a gift”! More than a gift, it’s your relationship with that special client right there in the gift box.

They say books can’t be judged by its cover, but gifts often are - by the giver, and by the recipient. People give gifts for many reasons, with the most appreciated ones given for no reason at all. 

Especially “Thank You” gifts because, more often than not, they are unexpected. While saying thank you might suffice, a gift further rubber stamps where you place that client in importance. 

With that being said, here are three pro tips to choosing great thank you gifts to really make that ‘Thank You gift’ stand out.

Niche Gifts for Special Clients

The art of thoughtful gift giving can be easily lost when settling for something after an aimless and tiring mall-wandering. 

If you have just gone to a mall to find the right gift for your favourite corporate client, chances are someone else has done the same (if not the client themselves). 

PRO-TIP: While a mall can be limited, an e-commerce store isn’t. The sheer amount of choices available online pretty much ensures you’ll find that great, one-of-a-kind gift that sets you apart, and makes you more memorable to your client.

Key to finding that unique, one-of-a-kind gift is “niche-shopping.” Thanks to data provided by you, we can filter your gift recipients into a certain profile, and that helps define your client’s inclinations and preferences.

The result? You don’t just get some random gifts for the client or customer who put you on top of the sales chart for the month. While you can try and describe the recipient to a mall sales attendant, the gift ideas pitched to you will still be a guess at best.

Now - change to an e-commerce site with dedicated gift curators that have preselected items for a very specific need, recipient or event. 

You just don’t save yourself time and effort, you remove second-guessing from the equation, and get a gift that will leave the client with no uncertainty how much you appreciate them.

The Art of Mindful Giving When It Comes to a Special Thank You

“...It’s the thought that counts,” as the saying goes, but are you taking the time to ask what thought you’re trying to project?

A truly thoughtful gift-giver isn’t someone who simply remembers to give something as an aside - they completely understand their recipient(s). 

Thoughtful gifts are those that understand who the recipient is, what she values, what makes him laugh, or what they are passionate about.

Pro-Tip: Knowing what matters to them, what they need, what is useful, and what makes sense are the W’s of mindful giving. 

The answers to this can come from conversations you had, a trip you took together, or even mentions in passing of some random wish list.

If you look back at those conversations and picked an idea or two, translate that into a gift.  

What will stand out for your client is not so much that you remembered to give, but the thought that you actually listened. 

You listened not just by ear, but by heart. That’s the message that gift brings.

Mindfulness in giving is when you paid attention to things that mattered to them, or they needed, or what makes sense to them that they thought they never asked. 

But while gifts similar to this can technically be found in malls and physical shops, unique versions and alternatives are online, because knowing the client means knowing just the right thank you gift. 

Tell a Client How Much You Appreciate Them with the Gift of Surprise

Knock, Knock!

Who’s there?

Me, just saying thank you…

Sweet. But it can also be awkward, depending on the relationship you have with your client. 

You made that phone call, sent that message to ask if they are home, or if you can drop by. Trying to catch them so you can give your thank you gift personally. 

But what if they’re just as busy as you are? And that whatever it is they did that you are thankful for, they didn’t really think about it, but now you’re eating into their time?

Pro-Tip: Mailed-in packages, parcels and gifts that are delivered offer a less intrusive way of saying thanks. 

It gives the recipient the option opening it when they’re ready to, enabling the gift to be much more appreciated.

No fake surprise expressions, or forcing a happy-face, or hurried pleasantries that happen when delivered personally by the sender. 

And their appreciation is best expressed when they also have the pleasure to call, text, or write you a “thank you” card in return.

As for the sender, the thought of them pulling it all together just to say thank you, again lets your clients know their importance to you. 

Send that gift With Many Thanks. It’s the better way to say thank you.