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Gifting Refined

Unique, Quality, Exclusive Gifts


The right gift

  • Outstanding Wine
    Outstanding Wine
  • Classic Wine
    Classic Wine
  • Exquisite Wine
    Exquisite Wine
  • Impressive Wine
    Impressive Wine
  • Sparkling Wine
    Sparkling Wine
  • Tea Lovers Dream
    Tea Lovers Dream
  • Ultra Premium Olive Oils and Vinegar
    Ultra Premium Olive Oils and Vinegar
  • Premium Olive Oils and Vinegar
    Premium Olive Oils and Vinegar

How It Works

Have exceptional individuals you want to acknowledge? Whether it's 1 or 100, you can easily add them into your account and include a personal message for each.

Match the perfect gift to each recipient. Our inaugural gift boxes include Exclusive Wines, Champagnes, combined with Local Chocolates. Along with a selection of Ultra Premium Olive Oils and Vinegar. Followed by a Specialty Tea Box.

Timing is everything. Set your gift boxes to reach your exceptional individuals at just the right moment, whether it's as soon as possible, or months away.

You'll receive delivery notifications, so your client knows something is on it's way from you, and for you that it has been delivered.

Every year you will receive an official receipt itemizing promotional spend for tax purposes.

The right gift.
The right message.
The right moment.

6 BIG Benefits You'll Love...

1. Meaningful Engagement With Past, Current and Prospective Clients

Reach each client in a reliable, attentive manner recognizing past successes, current triumphs and encouraging prospects.

2. "Set and Forget" Functionality

Organize your thank you program weeks or even months in advance within a budget that works for you.

3. Time Saving

The logistics are done for you but the impression you will make will be worth it.

4. Quality Relationship Building

Acknowledge the exceptional individuals in your life, without forgetting any of those important moments.

5. Complete Privacy Protection

Your data is your data. Your exceptional individuals and your gifting program is no one else’s business – ever.

6. Official Receipts Issued For Every Purchase

For clients, colleagues, those people who help make your business great, this program provides official tax receipts.
Gift Boxes Starting From $98

What Our Clients Are Saying

The RE/MAX Hallmark Group of Companies is made exceptional by our 1,700+ outstanding real estate professionals. Every month, quarter and year our team recognizes and rewards the best of our best agents and teams. These remarkable performers deserve remarkable gifts. The RE/MAX Hallmark Group of Companies trusts to deliver just the right gift at just the right moment to our top performers.

Ken McLachlan, CEO | RE/MAX Hallmark Group of Companies

I'm done forgetting about thank you gifts for my prized clients. Now I can set it and forget it thanks to With Many Thanks.

Robert Barkin, Sales Representative | RE/MAX Hallmark

As a self-employed professional and mother of two busy young ladies, time is my most precious commodity. With Many Thanks allows me to give gifts to my clients who have just purchased or sold so that I may focus my time on my new clients.

Sarah Underhill, Sales Representative | RE/MAX Hallmark


How does With Many Thanks differ? We offer exclusively procured gift options that you can arrange in advance, and personalize each one with a personal note.
Can I add a note to each gift box? Yes, you can add a personal note to each gift box no matter how many you order.
What are the payment options? Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and PayPal. Currently we do not accept Visa debit. Stay tuned for more payment options.
When will I be billed? Your payment for your box is processed immediately upon order. If the first payment attempt fails, the system will try twice more before cancelling your order. You will be informed by email if your payment attempt fails.
What currency do you use? Canadian dollars.
What is the shipping cost? A Shipping and Handling charge of $10.00 is applied to each box ordered.
What locations do you you ship to? Only in Ontario for the moment, but more provinces and countries are coming soon.
Can I ship to multiple clients (and addresses) on multiple dates? Yes, our system is designed specifically for the unique requirements of corporate and personal gift giving.

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